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Hi, I am Perdie, I am a florist that specialises in weddings and commercial installations. I live with my partner Luke and our son Noah on the outskirts of Truro.


I have been fortunate enough to live in many places around the World and this has certainly influenced my creative eye. Being born in Wales, spending my younger years in Belgium and my formative teenage years in Lebanon and Ghana, I came to Cornwall to continue my education after secondary school. I studied art at Truro College and I have always enjoyed creating and designing.

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I discovered my love of flowers over a decade ago when my sister asked me to 'DIY' the flowers for her wedding. At the time I was recovery from cancer treatment and working with nature to create something beautiful, gave me such peace and focus. After meeting a fellow flower enthusiast, my journey into the flower world as a vocation and passion began.  


I am now over 6 years along my journey to establishing a small flower farm so everyday is a learning day.

I also work closely with local flower farms and in close partnership with gemma in mylor who is an incredible grower look out for more exciting news on this 


I thoroughly enjoy the way that flowers can evoke emotion and create such atmosphere. I am often asked what my favourite flower is and I still have not been able to give a single answer. I love that all of my favourite flowers come and go in the UK throughout the year. In spring I can’t wait for ranunculi's and anemones but then in summer it's the roses that capture my heart and at the end of summer, the dahlias. As the UK moves into autumn and winter I always look forward to the Helibours. When I create my installations, bouquets and arrangements it’s all the small little flowers, the ones that no one thinks about that really excite me and inspire me to create unique pieces of flower art. 

I love being pushed out of my comfort zone and there is always a way so if you think it can't be done hand it over to me and I will find a way 

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